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The future of supplements

The future of supplements

The future of supplements

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Are you tired of feeling drained, demotivated, and held back by life's challenges?

Are you faced with a mountain of tasks and no clue where to begin. Late nights spent scrolling on your smartphone, trying to escape the weight of tomorrow’s agenda. Your web browser is cluttered with dozens of open tabs, yet you feel like you’re going in circles. Deadlines are slipping through your fingers, causing stress and frustration.

It is time you put an end to this nonsense and joined the B3 community today.

Introducing B3:
Your Bridge to Excellence

Say goodbye to the days of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and far from your goals. B3 is more than just a brand; it’s a revolution, a catalyst that propels you towards your best self.

Brain & Body Health backed by Science

We carefully selected the ingredients to elevate your cognitive abilities and unlock your body’s full potential. Each ingredient has been meticulously chosen for its unique benefits, aiming to empower overall well being.

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What to Expect?

Brain Before Body products bring you countless benefits. Not only will your brain feel fully
optimized but your body will reap the benefits as well.

Enhanced Focus and Mood

Immune System Support

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Improved Memory and Concentration

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Improved Optimal Digestion

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Vitality and Performance Support

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Sleep Cycle Support

Our Process

Formulation and Research

Our team of experts, including chemists and formulators, invests years, not months, in perfecting each product we release under the Brain Before Body name. We rigorously test and refine our formulations to ensure they meet the highest standards of effectiveness and safety.

USA Ingredient Sourcing

At Brain Before Body, ingredient sourcing is a cornerstone of our commitment to excellence. We believe that the quality of our supplements begins with the selection of the finest ingredients available.

Testing and Quality Control

Alpha Testing: Alpha testing is an early stage of product testing conducted by the internal team or developers. In the supplement industry, this phase involves in-house testing of the product formulation and manufacturing processes. The goal is to identify any potential issues, inconsistencies, or defects in the product.

Beta Testing: Beta testing involves a limited release of the product to a select group of users, often external to the company. Beta testers provide feedback on their experiences with the supplement, including its taste, effectiveness, and any possible side effects.

3rd Party Testing: Third-party testing is an essential step to ensure the objectivity and credibility of the product’s quality and safety. In this phase, an independent laboratory for testing facilities evaluates the supplement’s ingredients and overall composition.

Regulatory Compliance

At Brain Before Body, we prioritize and ensure regulatory compliance in all aspects of our supplement production. We take our responsibility seriously, adhering to the guidelines and requirements set forth by relevant health authorities. From ingredient sourcing to the manufacturing processes, labeling, and claims, we make sure that every step aligns with the highest industry standards.

Comprehensive Range of Supplements

Explaining the dedication to creating a comprehensive range of custom-tailored supplements formulated to support and enhance brain health. Highlighting the utilization of the latest scientific research, expert knowledge, and carefully selected ingredients to create effective products.

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Introducing LIFELINE

Where Powerful Supplements Unite to Embrace Your life is a journey with goals to be reached. Let Lifeline take you there.

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In the chaotic tapestry of life, we understand the struggles you face, and we’re here to offer more than just isolated solutions. Lifeline by Brain Before Body, a carefully curated collection of powerful supplements, each designed to address different aspects of your well-being. When combined, these supplements become a symphony of support, complementing each other to create a harmonious path to an empowered and fulfilled life.

A bottle of Lifeline supplements with sachets outside of the bottles by Brain Before Body

Crafted for Everyone!

B3 supplements are not limited by roles or titles; it’s a beacon of empowerment for everyone ready to embrace a life of unparalleled vitality and achievement.

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Fitness Enthusiasts

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High Achievers

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See how Brain Before Body supplements helps people in Unlocking their Full Brain Potential

Reclaim your cognitive prowess with Brain Before Body—the key to unlocking your mind's full capabilities.

Sustainable. Transparent. Ethical

Expert Approved, Clinically Reviewed, Regulatory Compliant.

100% Effective: High-Quality Ingredients, FDA & GMP Certified Facilities. Sustainable & Recyclable Packaging.

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